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Atefeh Einali

Composer, Santoor player, Improviser


About Me

Atefeh Einali is a santoor player and composer. She studied at the Art University of Tehran, and currently lives in Manchester where she is doing her PhD in music composition at the University of Manchester. She has also worked closely with performers, composers and conductors, with various commissions such as Southbank Symphony Orchestra, Coma London, Symphony Verbum Orchestra, Bridges Orchestra (Frankfurt), Migrant voices residency programme by Olympias music foundation, the Psappha Composing for Sitar scheme, International Guitar Foundation (IGF) and IFCA (Iranian female composers association). 

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Videos and Music

Explore the videos and music to immerse yourself in Atefeh's world. Her compositions, inspired by the Iranian classical music repertoire (Radif), reflect her deep connection to it. I hope you enjoy it.


Latest Updates

Atefeh worked on new commission by Manchester histories Festival in partnership with University of Manchester

6 June 2024

Her recent piece "Echoes" was commissioned by Manchester Histories Festival in Partnership of University of Manchester. The inspiration for this piece comes from Manchester histories and more specifically migrants. The piece was performerd by BBC Philarmonic ensemble at the opening night launch party at Whitworth Art Gallery. The piece also has been broadcast on BBC Radio 3. 

"I am from nowhere" has been released

28 April 2024

One of Atefeh's pieces "I am from nowhere" has been released in the latest album by Bridges orchestra, Frankfurt, Germay. 

Atefeh worked on a new commission to compose a piece for the Bridges Chamber Orchestra in Frankfurt

1 April 2023

"Half of me” for the Bridges Kammerorchester was premiered in the hr-Sendesaal in 2023. piece This piece is exploring cross-cultural musical dialogue through a combination of Iranian Dastgah and improvisation.

Atefeh performs Santoor in live film music score

3 May 2024

Join us for the closing performance of Nikta Mohammadi’s exhibition Memory Stone at The Lowry. The event will feature a special screening of Mohammadi’s film Memory Stone, accompanied by a live score led by the composer Babak Mirsalari (Synthesiser, Keys), featuring Atefeh Einali (Santoor) and Parisa Pirzadeh (Violin, Gheychak).

Atefeh is working on new commission for writing a documentary music score

26 January 2024

This research is developing at the University of Sussex.  Also, it has been sponsored by ESRC (Economic and social Reseach council).

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Avazad (61 of 66).jpg


As a composer, Atefeh Einali is always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with talented individuals and artists. She invites you to reach out to her to discuss how you can work together on the next project. Together, you can create something that is truly inspiring and memorable.



You will listen to an improvisation on Santoor and get in touch with your feelings. You just need to find what feeling you identify in yourself while you are listening to music.

Avazad (66 of 66).jpg

Let's Create Something Beautiful Together

I am thrilled to hear from you and discuss potential projects and collaborations. Don't hesitate to reach out if you're looking for a talented composer to enhance your media project and create captivating soundscapes.

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