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Atefeh Einali

Composer, Santoor player, Improviser

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Latest Updates

Atefeh is currently working on a new commission to compose a piece for the Bridges Chamber Orchestra in Frankfurt

April 2023

This piece "Half of me"  is exploring cross-cultural musical dialogue through a combination of Iranian Dastgah and improvisation.

Atefeh wrote a new piece for the Southbank Symphony orchestra as part of a Non-classical composer scheme

February 2023

The creative process of the event and this piece began with my own improvisation. I recorded myself playing for half an hour on the santoor, improvising on three different Dastgâh (Persian modes) – the Shoor, Homayon and Segah. I sent the recording to my collaborators asking them to respond to the music and the theme of ‘bed’. Everyone began to develop their own ideas in response to my playing, and I circulated materials between all the artists. 

My processes for creating the event - my solo rehearsals, collaborations with other artists, acting in the film, and meetings with the writer - all come together to compose this piece. Through this the piece explores cross-cultural dialogue between Iranian music, Brazilian rhythms, film making, and the story telling.

Atefeh curated an event called "Indefinite dreams: I am alive!

November 2022

Bed. Often messy, unmade, and sometimes impossible to leave – but also a symbol of sanctuary, a place for dreaming and vulnerability. It is at the core of our lives and central to this event – quite literally, as Associate Composer Atefeh Einali recreates her bedroom on stage. Enter a reconstructed dream state with improvised poetry and ethereal projections, as sounds from around the world come together through traditional instruments and diverse musical languages.

December 10, 2019

During 2019-2020, contemporary classical music ensemble, Psappha, will be running a 'Composing for...' scheme to support and develop 24 emerging composers who are interested in learning more about writing for the instruments included in this year’s programme. 

The aim of the project is to give the selected composers direct contact with four highly experienced musicians: freebass accordion player Miloš Milivojević; sitar player Jasdeep Singh Degun; Psappha’s pianist Ben Powell; and Psappha’s cellist Jennifer Langridge.

Atefeh Einali has been commissioned by Psappha to write for solo Sitar. The piece will be filmed on July 2020, and released in Psappha YouTube Premiere channel. To watch and listen to the piece click Read More.

Atefeh Joined New Music Collaboration

June , 2020

Atefeh Einali has recently been joined ARC project to write a new piece for voice and Santoor and play Santoor in a solo piece. The pieces will be released in ARC youtube channel. 

The Arc Project was founded with the purpose of encouraging the creation of new music through cooperative projects.

These projects include collaborations between composers and performers, new work commissions for composers involving a set ensemble, or community events.

For watching and listening the piece click Read More.

Atefeh worked with International Guitar foundation (IGF)

July 2021

International Guitar Foundation commissioned "Three Dots". Katalin Koltai performed it in the Le Leona series at King Place in London in July 2021.

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