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Workshops & Tuition

Atefeh is facilitating a workshop called "Music and colours".

October, 2020

A group zoom session where you can listen to music and express your feelings in colours!

You will listen to an improvisation on Santoor and get in touch with your feelings. You just need to find what feeling you identify in yourself while you are listening to music. Then, you need to ask yourself if this feeling had a color, shape and form, what would it be like? So, you imagine all your feelings and put them on your paper. I would recommend to but some paints for this session but you could participate in this workshop even with one paper and a pencil.  You know there is no right and wrong. You can create an image as you go without having your picture in your head beforehand.  

We all have some kinds of experience with art but we really rare to use art as a way to express our feelings. So, it can be difficult to do this at first but when we listen to music, we could get an access to those feelings and express them on to paper easily. We want to draw or paint our feelings because we need to express our feelings and words do have a limit. We express our feelings because we need to be heard, to be listened to. That is really hard to get that sometimes. That is why we have art. We can hear ourselves; we can see our feelings in front of us.

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